IN SINCERE APPRECIATION FOR YOUR TOLERANCE from the DARWIN CORPS of PHOTOGRAPHERS & CAMERAMEN  (signed by eighteen photographers and cameramen)

(signed by eighteen photographers and cameramen)

What happened to Azaria Chamberlain, and then to Lindy has been the subject of great creativity, just a few example of which I have collected here, under the various forms of media headings. Some is held in private collections, some are public, some have been retained by the artists. Seemingly reflective of Lindy’s entire saga, not all of it may be appealing to everyone, and perhaps in some cases even seem crass. I have tried to include a bit of everything, without making any judgement.

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  • Canvas and Paper

    The Judgement at Ayers Rock Pro Hart MBE (1928-2006) 1984, 84 x 60cm, Oil on board The painting ‘The Judgement’ depicts what I believed to be true. The tracker outside the window of the courtroom is frustrated that the law did not want his evidence and I believed there was a conspiracy to cover up […]

  • Caricatures

    Drawings by Mick Joffe, great Australian caricaturist, as well a collector of history and artifacts. Mick has published a number of books, and these come from his book entitledEndangered Characters of Australia: their Yarns & Caricatures (Volume 1, 1995) Bill Barnes was the court orderly during the first inquest. Click on the images to see a […]

  • Cartoons

    Cartoons are one way the artist can express a political opinion. These ones were normally used on the Opinion or Editorial pages of major newspapers. I will let them speak for themselves. Everyone is allowed to express their opinion. This cartoon (below) appeared in a Sydney ‘fringe’ paper, in early 1996, not long after the […]

  • Hollywood

    Evil Angels / A Cry in the Dark 1988 Starring Meryl Streep as Lindy Sam Neill as Michael Chamberlain Lindy was invited to consult to the screenwriter, producer, and actors. She found the process and relationships very constructive. While some scenes had to be combined, to fit six years history into two hours on screen, […]

  • Mini-series

    The Through My Eyes mini-series takes its’ name from Lindy’s book of the same name. It was broadcast in Australia in November 2004, and in New Zealand in August 2005, and is now available on DVD in those countries. Miranda Otto portrayed Lindy masterfully, virtually ‘becoming’ Lindy as Lindy struggled to comprehend the loss of her baby, […]

  • Poetry and other Writings

    A poem written by a person to whom Lindy had introduced herself and Azaria the day before, and who helped on the night Azaria died. We Were Strangers (pdf, 20kb) A lovely poem sent us shortly after Lindy’s book was published in 2004. The poem was written in the 1980s, but we had not seen it before. Song […]

  • Sculpture

    Mother and Child Guy Boyd (1923-1988) 1987, 70 x 42cm, bronze Guy Boyd was born into the illustrious Australian Boyd family art dynasty. At age 12 he chose to become a sculptor. After the guilty verdict against Lindy in 1982, he was so concerned about the unanswered questions that he published a book, Justice in Jeopardy. […]

  • Stage

    Lindy at Opera Australia Somewhere around 1989 Lindy got a phone call to her agent’s from an individual wanting to know if Lindy would be agreeable to an world class opera being written about her case. For five or so years after being released from prison she often got requests from people wanting her blessing […]

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