Names of some of the key persons involved in the Chamberlain case, listed in alphabetical order.


Everingham, Paul (now in private law practice) Chief Minister [1] and Attorney-General of the Northern Territory. Portfolio included Conservation Commission
Martin, Brian Solicitor General, Northern Territory
McAulay, Peter Commissioner, Northern Territory Police

Judges / Magistrates/Coroners

Barritt, Denis First Inquest Coroner
Galvin, Jerry Coroner at the second inquest
Morling, Mr Justice Trevor Judge at the Morling Inquiry / Royal Commission
Muirhead, Mr Justice James Judge at trial


Adams, Michael Junior Counsel for Crown at the Morling Inquiry
Barker, Ian QC Senior Prosecuting Counsel
Caldwell,William (now QC) Junior Counsel assisting at the Morling Inquiry
Fullerton, Elizabeth Counsel for the Crown at the Morling Inquiry
McNay, Ashley Counsel assisting the coroner at the first inquest
O’Loughlan, Michael(Mick) Crown Solicitor-First Inquest through to Royal Commission
Pauling, Thomas (now QC) Junior Prosecuting counsel at trial
Porter, Chester QC Senior counsel assisting Morling Inquiry
Sturgess, Desmond QC Counsel assisting coroner at second inquest and prosecuting counsel at trial


Cavanaugh, Greg Junior Solicitor at trial
Crispin, Ken QC (now a Judge) Queen’s Counsel for Chamberlains at the Morling Inquiry
Dean, Peter Solicitor for the Chamberlains at the inquests
Kirkham, Andrew (now QC) Junior Defence counsel at second inquest and trial
Phillips, John QC (now a Judge, retired) Senior defence counsel at trial
Re, David Junior defence solicitor, Royal Commission
Rice, Phillip QC Senior counsel for the Chamberlains at the first and second inquests
Tipple, Stuart Senior solicitor for the Chamberlains throughout all proceedings (except first inquest)
Winneke, John QC(now a Judge, retired) Senior Counsel for the Chamberlains at the Morling Inquiry
Zichy-Woinarski, Brind (now QC) Junior Counsel for the Chamberlains at the Morling Inquiry

Witnesses – general

Bradley, Prof Keith Professor of Anatomy, University of Melbourne
Brechwoldt, Roland Dingo expert, NSW
Brown, Kenneth Dentist, University of Adelaide
Brown, Sgt Irvine Gregory Police, Mount Isa QLD
Cawood, Ian Deputy Chief Ranger, Uluru National Park
Chaikin, Prof Malcolm Textile expert, University of New South Wales
Charlwood, Det Sgt Graeme (later Det Inspector) Northern Territory Police
Cocks, Sgt Frank South Australian Police, Alice Springs
Corbett, Dr Lawrence Dingo expert, CSIRO
Downs, Roberta(Bobbie) (now Mrs Peter Elston) Nurse at Ayers Rock
Griffiths, Dr Ross Textile expert, University of New South Wales
Hansell, Mrs Joan Drycleaner at Mount Isa
Harris, Les President of the Dingo Foundation
Hart, Floyd Person who installed radio-cassette unit in Michael Chamberlain’s car
Jones, Dr Anthony Forensic pathologist, Northern Territory
Lees, Colin Family friend, camera bag witness
Lenehan, Keyth The bleeding accident victim driven to hospital by the Chamberlains
Lincoln, Sgt John Northern Territory Police, Alice Springs
Metcalfe, Sen Constable James Northern Territory Police
Morris, Sen Constable Frank Northern Territory constable at Ayers Rock
Newsome, Dr Alan Dingo expert, CSIRO
Noble, Constable James Northern Territory policeman at Ayers Rock
Pelton, Dr William Textile expert, NSW
Tew, Rohan Person who assisted Hart in installing radio-cassette unit in Michael Chamberlain’s car

Witnesses – eye

Cranwell, Amanda Girl attacked by dingo at Ayers Rock
Cranwell, Max & Phyllis Parents of girl attacked by dingo at Ayers Rock
Goodwin,Wally Tourist who found Azaria’s jumpsuit
Haby, Edwin Murray Tourist who found imprint in the sand, Queen’s Scout, school headmaster
Lowe, Greg Tasmania tourist at BBQ area whilst Lindy took Azaria to the tent
Lowe, Sally Tasmania tourist at BBQ area who heard Azaria cry
McCombe, James Tourist involved in search
Roff, Derek Chief Ranger, Uluru National Park, NT
Tjikadu, Barbara Best Aboriginal tracker, wife of Nipper
West, Judy & Bill, Catherine (daughter) Western Australia farming family in nearby tent at time of Azaria’s disappearance. Heard dingo give a territorial warning growl (to second dingo) moments before Sally Lowe heard Azaria’s cry.
Whittaker, Amy & Max, Rosalie(daughter) Victorian family camping in campgrounds on the night Azaria disappeared. Amy: Nurse and social worker, stayed with Lindy on the night of Azaria’s disappearance. Max, Rosalie: searched, found drag marks in sand with dingo tracks, saw impressions of ‘bundle’ in sand
Winmatti, Nipper Aboriginal tracker. Headman of the tribe and traditional owner of Ayers Rock/Uluru


Barham, Nancy Head of female section, Darwin Prison
Boyd, Guy & Phyllis, daughter Lenore Sculptor (member of well-known Australian Boyd family of artists),
started Australian Support Group movements
Bryson, John Lawyer / Journalist, wrote the book Evil Angels
Has written extensively about the Chamberlain case
Heron, Irene Family friend, carer at second inquest and trial
Hocking, Betty Canberra MP, Leader of ‘Plea for Justice’ committee
Hughes, Dr Owen and Jan Kahlia’s second foster parents
Mantz, Helena Fellow prisoner in Darwin – now ‘adopted’ daughter
Miller,Wayne & Jenny Kahlia’s first foster parents
Milne, Dr Irene Mount Isa medical practitioner who delivered Azaria
Murchison, Pastor Cliff & Mrs Avis Lindy’s parents
Noonan, Dr Tony & Liz Heads of Northern Territory Support Group
Parry, Liz & John Lindy’s friends, regular prison visitor, stayed with upon release
Ransom, Jenny (nee Richards) Lindy’s friend at Mt Isa
Rollo, Pr George Seventh-day Adventist pastor, family friend
Ward, Phil Businessman, wrote book What the Jury Were Not Told, stood for NT Parliament
Young, Norm Avondale College Theology lecturer, wrote book Innocence Regained: the Fight to Free Lindy Chamberlain


Baxter, Dr Simon Senior forensic biologist, NSW. In charge of NSW Forensic Lab and Joy Kuhl’s boss
Boettcher, Prof Barry Professor of Biological Science, University of Newcastle, NSW
Baudner, Dr Siegried Director of Behringwerke,West Germany
Bresee, Prof Randolph Textile expert, Kansas, USA
Cameron, Prof James Forensic pathologist, London
Chapman, Ken Scientist. Cooranbong, NSW
Cornell, Dr Findlay Biologist, NSW
Culliford, Dr Brian Forensic biologist, Metropolitan Police Laboratory, London
Fernhead, Prof Ron Odontologist, Japan
Ferris, Prof Forensic pathologist, Canada
Fowler, Dr Craig Forensic biologist, SA
Gufstafson, Prof Gosta Odontologist, Sweden
Kuchel, Rex Botanist, SA
Kuhl, Mrs Joy Forensic biologist, NSW (now forensic biologist, NT)
Leach, Prof Simon Professor of Immunology, Victoria
Lincoln, Dr Patrick Forensic biologist, London
Martin, Dr Peter Forensic biologist, London
Nairn, Prof Richard Pathologist,Victoria
Ouchterlony, Dr Orfan Biologist, inventor of radial immunodiffusion or ‘Ouchterlony’ technique, Sweden
Pleuckhahn, Prof Vernon Forensic pathologist,Victoria
Robinson, Dr Vivian Microscopist, NSW
Sanson, Dr Graham Zoologist, Melbourne
Scott, Dr Andrew Senior forensic biologist, SA
Scott, Constable Maxwell Police biologist, NT
Sims, Bernard Odontologist, London
Smith, Les Scientist, Cooranbong, NSW
Torlach, Mr DM Soil expert, NT

These are just some of the hundreds of people involved at key points. Others, such as judges and counsel involved in the appeals, Members of Parliament, journalists and others who made public statements, leaders of support groups all played their part in sending Lindy to prison, or pushing for justice to finally win over prejudice.

[1] Chief Minister is similar to Premier in Australian states, or Governor in US states.

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